Sedating triple warmer My sex face cam

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Sedating triple warmer

Drink some water, then take a deep cleansing breath and as you slowly exhale do the following: With your opposite hand, begin by pressing at the point of the eyebrow with three fingers, furthest from the nose. Then draw a line with your fingers on your body from that point to in front of the ear, up around and behind the ear, behind the head to the back of the neck, down the neck, across the back of the shoulder, down the outside of the arm, across the top of the hand, down the top of the ring finger and press the base of the nail of the ring finger.

Do this procedure three times on either side of your Body.

All fourteen meridian roadways have a polarity opposite: example of the triple warmer meridian that regulates the flight, fight, freeze response (yang/masculine) with the polarity opposite spleen meridian that regulates the strange flows/immune response (yin/feminine).

This over-energized triple warmer meridian, over years, depleted the strange flow energy from the spleen meridian.

Sometimes our bodies forget how to calm this response back down.

These specific paths were organized to specific organ centers and when one path ended, another began., she teaches her method of sedating the Triple Warmer by running the meridian energy backwards. To sedate the Triple Warmer follow the illustration: 1.Use fingers of your opposite hand to touch the outside edge of your eyebrow (furthest from your nose); trace with your fingers back over and around the ear; down the back of your neck, across the back of your shoulder; down the outside of your arm to the back of your hand; and finish by touching the fourth ‘ring’ finger at the base of the nail. Repeat at least three times on each side of your body.There are fourteen meridian pathways that include central, governing, spleen, heart, small intestine, bladder, kidney, circulation sex, triple warmer, gallbladder, liver, lung, large intestine and stomach. Your hands and fingers have electromagnetic energy that effects the meridians so whether you trace or flush them and you will immediately encourage your body to communicate more effectively and remind them that you are conscious about caring for it.Stress, chemicals and an unhealthy environment may imbalance the meridians. To keep them flowing forward, see the three thumps. The chakras Chakras, meaning spinning wheels of light, are energy centers inside our body, and there are a few outside out body as well.

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