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By all accounts, the queen was so pleased with the look and feel of Wedgwood’s creation that she gave him permission to market it as Queen’s Ware.

Despite its name, Queen’s Ware was not designed for royalty or special occasions. Accordingly, Wedgwood produced Queen’s Ware plates, cups, saucers, bowls, and even candlesticks.

This would then be sprigged in a contrasting colour.

The raised decoration on this stoneware is in the form of sprigs which are little ornamental motifs made from clay.

The surface of the pot (unfired) is then moistened and the sprigs carefully applied.

(May 2012: you can see a lovely little film on this process at Wedgwood).

Wedgwood called his version Black Basalt, and produced vases and urns with a smooth, matte black finish.In 1986 Wedgwood and Waterford Crystal merged to form the Waterford Wedgwood Group.Most Waterford Wedgwood assets were bought by KPS Capital Partners of New York in 2009 and became part of WWRD Holdings.PLEASE NOTE: Mufasa Tyres has no influance over the accuracy of the Unitrans data, and merely provide a link to their site so that you can see the size of tyres that your vehicle originally came out with.We take absolutely no responsibility for incorrect tyre sizes ordered based on this information.

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