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CAMs might include: Back to top CAMs is an area that’s poorly researched, often because these therapies are rarely suited to traditional research techniques.

There isn’t much evidence to show how effective or safe medicines are.

Watch out for products that make big promises, cost a lot, say they are scientifically proven or can 'cure MS'.

Paying for these treatments or therapies can be a waste of money and leave you disappointed, or perhaps even make things worse.

Within the term there’s a lot of variation – they might refer to something relatively standard and inexpensive, like pilates, or something more unusual and unproven, such as bee sting therapy.

Sulawesi crested macaques are Critically Endangered. Our parent charity, the Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust, manages the European Endangered Species breeding Programme (EEP) for Sulawesi crested black macaques in European zoos with successful breeding groups kept here at Paignton Zoo and also at our sister zoo, Newquay Zoo.

Don't leave your perfect powder day to chance, see what the British Columbia weather, ski conditions and snow totals really look like.

Ski resorts provide On The Snow with cam feeds so skiers and riders can see what's happening on the slopes of their favorite British Columbia mountain before heading up.

A spokesperson from SURFit admitted the cameras had been hijacked and that someone had overridden the ‘command protocol’ for the Freshwater beach cam.

“That is the only way they would have been able to do that,” the spokesman said. even [if it was hacked] you only have the ability to send certain commands, all the commands are sent by someone saying move left, or right or up or down.” The man who originally contacted the Manly Daily with the images was said to be worried about people’s privacy.

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The findings reflect the suggestion made by Jones (2012), that midwives in their attempts to promote models of care that seek to focus on a woman-centred and a midwifery-led approach, appear to be ‘pseudo consumers’ of CAM. Researchers and practitioners should gain more insight into how women engage with, and want to engage with CAM.