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i`d like to add something to that: WTF IS THE MOFO WRIGHT FOLDER THEN!! the read me file isn`t a very big help to: `follow the instructions` plz someone help me with this thx Okay first off, can you at least download it alright?I downloaded it in 10 different places, but I am sure there is a much simpler way, but what! If you've got it downloaded, run the installer, and when it asks where to put the mod, hit browse and select your Zero Hour folder. For the first few turns, I use the Turbo to boost a golem and the Hog, while using that last one to create a large wall to protect the satellites and the hog.Before the Hog gets destroyed, I can kill two Warden using the covered satellites, then I move on with them and the golems to wipe out as much as I can.All that Policeman Dave wanted was a vacation from his Officer Juggs and her big boobies.But his last task brings him right into the local mob gang and their leader the Godmilf with only his big dick at his disposal.The developers have expertly combined story elements with engaging gameplay to create an extraordinary, satisfying and immersing experience.Read More "very fun, but there aren't many levels." It's a free Web game that takes a few hours to get through all 5 levels while providing an exceptional interactive experience. I suggested this in that thread in late August where you were just randomly looking for games... It is one of the best games out there, and this is what I come to this site to find: more things like this.

So Kink decided to keep the lute and lyrics at his house in the Kokiri Forest, but on the way home he's been trapped into a portal that sent him back to Thermona.

For other plug-ins, major software applications usually have excellent systems for installing and updating software, making it possible to download and install a plug-in with a simple click or command.

However, on this page we give additional instructions for those who prefer to install the plug-in manually, or for those experiencing difficulties.

Were you expecting the 40 hours of game play that a console game delivers? First time commenting, but i have been keeping up with your site for quite some time now and so far i've been more than impressed with your game selection. Gameplay, story, and even techno music is pretty awesome. I can't ressort to use Bit Man because I don't want to waste a precious unit.

The strategy that got me the furthest was using two Laser Satellites between two Stone Golems with the Memory Hog on the rightmost square of the front row and placing three catapults between a Clog 3.0 to the right and a Turbo deluxe to the left.

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For Linux, see Installation of plug-ins for Opera on Linux.