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Do you imagine your college son or daughter hooking up with a potential life partner like you did in college?Well, “hooking up” these days has a brand new meaning.But that’s just a claim: There are no visible safeguards in place.And arguably, by inviting teenagers in to begin with, hook-up apps are inviting them to lie about their age.

It’s replaced dating as the most common form of sexual encounter on campus across the nation. Talking to your semi-adult-still–financially-dependent college student about sex may seem a tad late.The pair met on the hook-up app “Hot or Not,” which prompted the judge on the case to bemoan, at length, the sexual mores of kids these days.But maybe His Honor should’ve directed the ire a bit higher, at Silicon Valley: After all, that’s where several companies are designing “adult” hook-up apps … Historically, the apps in this space have explicitly required that their users be above 18 or 21, whichever is the local age of majority.The book includes quotes from girls that sheds light on the increasing pressures girls face today.One girl described sex as two "negatives," saying you were either a "slut or prude" trying to find the middle ground.

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Sex may be something that you implicitly fought about when it came to enforcing rules, curfews and expectations during their emerging independence. Perhaps you imagine they are having better sex than you and your spouse are.