Ia rayjay still dating ms berry

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Ia rayjay still dating ms berry

Mz Berry gave an interview to Talkofthetown411Monday night, hours after seeing the reunion show and she shed some light on what really happened between she and Ray before, during and after the dramatic reunion.

After the major health crisis Brandy experienced On Friday, her brother/reality star/singer, Ray-J., was spotted in an airport Saturday morning and gave an update on what happened and how he’s steppin’ in to help his sister, whom he referred to as his best friend.

This 5’10 model spent more time talking to her photographer, Chicago Larry (who creepily whispered and spoke in third person), than spending time with Ray, and it was the reason she got the boot. After the show, she was romantically linked to Bobby Valentino and went the requisite video vixen route, appearing in videos with R-Kelly, Snoop Dogg and Twista, and had bit pieces in the movies vh1Feisty Even though Fiesty just barely broke 5 feet, her presence was huge for the few episodes she was there.

Big on drinking, and big on the purchased boobies, she was there to have a good time.

Interestingly enough, Cocktail never denied Ray’s claims that she slept with other women as well.

Things got even more heated and Ray J ended up walking off the stage.

The answer to that seems to be NO, coming from Mz Berry’s new interview with VH1.

According to her, she and Ray J have barely made any contact since the show finished filming months ago.

…..which immediately began speculation that Nelly Mo had popped the question.

The last 10 minutes of the show featured season 1 winner, Cocktail aka , coming on the show to warn season two winner- Mz Berry aka Connie Deveaux , about the womanizing ways of Ray J.

Things got particularly heated when Ray J joined both ladies on stage , and got into a shouting match with Cocktail, even accusing her of bedding other women after she accused him of being unfaithful during their brief relationship.

However, Miss Jackson never puts the ring ON her finger in the video clip, nor does she mention anything about being engaged. Are Nelly & Shantel officially headed for the alter…or is she just dropping hints?

We’re at it again with another VH1 reality dating show Where Are They Now?

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In case you missed it, Brandy was found unconscious on a Delta Airlines flight yesterday (6-2-17) and had to be immediately rushed to the emergency room upon landing.

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