Torrent dating to relating other fish dating site

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Torrent dating to relating

Founded in 2009, Kickass Torrents (KAT) grew out to become the largest torrent site on the Internet with millions of visitors a day.

Soon after the news was made public KAT disappeared, leaving its users without their favorite site.

Mermaids like to sit on rocks and use either a) their enchanting sirens' songs, or b) the tried-and-true tactic of looking in a mirror and combing their green hair while they display their huge tits in order to lure human men (and especially sailors and pirates and stuff) to make love to them.

Note that the mermen and merwomen do not do this, though young mermen have been known to kidnap human women and turn them into mermaids.

The question that’s on many people’s minds right now is whether the site will make a Pirate Bay-style comeback.

While it’s impossible to answer this question with certainty, the odds can be more carefully weighed by taking a closer look at the events that led up to the bust and what may follow.

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I'm Angel, a 38 year old guy who started a journey in the year 2000 to fix my dating life after breaking up with a girlfriend.

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