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MAP CHARLES GALE (Living 1699): Charles Gale came to Middlesex County, Virginia, in 1699. - 1706) died in Middlesex County where the register of Christ Church Parish notes, "Henry Gale departed this life May ye 2nd and was buried May ye 3rd, Anno Domini 1706." SIMON GALE, BRICKLAYER (Living between 17) was named in a land transaction in 1702"This indenture, made the 2nd day of November, in the year of our Lord God 1702 and in ye first year of the Reigne of our Sovereign Lady Anne of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, between John West of ye county of Middlesex of one part and Simon Gale of ye County of Gloucester, Bricklayer." "Witnesseth that for sume of Twelve pounds sterl. The name later appears in Bertie County, North Carolina. to the north side of a small run that falls into Appamattocks (sic) Creek, etc. Patent Book 5/447) THOMAS GALE (Living 1652) was living in Westmoreland County. Governor's warrant to transport the county's powder to ye several places appoynt, per th said warrant, at l5 lbs of tobacco per day".

money ye said John West hath granted unto said Simon Gale all that Plantation and one hundred acres of land whereon I now live which said plantation and land formerly conveyed by Thomas Loe to my Father, Nicholas West, late deced as by Deed of Sale dated ye fifth day of Jany. Since Simon is an unusual name in the Gale family in the colonies, these references probably pertain to the same person. Headrights included 29 persons named as Roger Korman (or Norman), Ann Phillips, Edward Massey, Henry Coplyn, Charles Perches, John Ellis, Robt. HENRY GALE (Living 1690) was a resident of Hampton Parish, York County, Virginia. EDWARD GALE (Living 1624) "gentleman and adventurer" of London, listed in Virginia Company Records.

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Anyone who meets Robyn Godfrey Puffenbarger knows instantly that this is a woman who adores her family, and especially, her son, Khaled.

On 9/28/1728 Simon Gale of Surry County was granted 500 acres of land in Brunswick County on the south side of the Meherrin River on the Indian line and William Edwards' line. Huston, Joyce Smith, Ann Jordan, Toby Culgy, Jeffry Hewes, Wm. Franck, Lawrence Tomkins, Thomas Webb, Joyce Axell, Wm. Cockerell, Thomas Wilkenson, Daniell Liss, Thomas Moore, Wm. On 6/3/1691 Henry witnessed an order to appoint Joseph King of Virginia, Gentleman, as attorney for John Brumskill of London, Mariner, According to the COLONIAL ENTRY BOOK, l682 - 95; Minutes of Assembly, an entry dated 4/13/1692 notes a payment from "The publique Dr. ISAAC GALE (Living 1655), Tailor, an indentured servant from Keinton, Wiltshire, was brought to Virginia about 1655 bound to Robert Pitt, merchant of Bristol. JOHN GAYLE: 9/14/1674: Came from Bristol to the Virginia plantations bound to Patrick Spence for four years.

In December of 1732 a deed between John Bradford and James Douglas of Brunswick County for 100 acres of woodland on the south side of Fountain's Creek referenced Simon Gale's upper corner. On 4/26/1684 the land was deserted and passed to George Newton and Richard Church. West, Rachaell Hailes, Richard Huff, John Gayle, Thomas Butler, Henry Vincent, Ellen Browne, Thomas Lund, Jno. JAMES GALE (Living 1636) settled near the Elizabeth River in 1636 with his wife Jane. MARY GALE: 1667: came to Virginia from Bristol on the ship CHARITY GALE: 9/24/1659: (Spinster) of Ilchester, Som., indentured servant bound to Wm.

By the time of the Civil War their descendants had settled in each one of the ORIGINAL 13 COLONIES and today are spread throughout the United States. JAMES GALE (Living 1688) was transported with seven others by Edward Thomas, who was granted 714 acres on the south side of Rappahannock River on 4/23/1688.

IN THE CHAPTER LISTING BELOW, each of the headings indicate family lines that begin with charts of the earliest known ancestor as Roman Numeral I, followed by descendants in numerical order until the Civil War period and sometimes beyond. "Att a court held for the County of Middlesex the 6th day of September, 1703: John West acknowledged his deed and it was admitted to record. JOHN GALE (Living 1666) was named on 10/26/1666 when Major Jno.

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